[Samba] Byte Range Locks

Alexander Gretencord Alexander.Gretencord at gedoplan.de
Mon Mar 29 12:48:20 GMT 2004


We still got problems with locking here. People don't get a hanging Word/Excel 
anymore but sometimes people get error messages from outlook that some other 
process has a byte range lock on a file.

Now when I run smbstatus -B on the samba host I get tons of lines like this

Byte range locks:
   Pid     dev:inode  R/W      start        size
  4006   03a02:161e8    W  2147483540           1
  4006   03a02:161e8    W  2147483481           1
  4006   03a02:161e8    W  2147483521           1
  3467   03a02:16338    W  2147483539           1
  3467   03a02:16338    W  2147483559           1
  3467   03a02:16338    W  2147483599           1

Those PIDs are no longer existent. None of them! The whole list of locks 
specifies PIDs that don't exist. Also the size bothers me, it's always 1 and 
start looks awfully close to signed max_int for 32bit. And it always is in 
that range.

In the evening though, when nobody is there all locks are gone.

Any ideas? Is this even the problem or might it be something completely 
different? Like wrong smbstatus output and the real problem lies somewhere 
else? I didn't read the source.


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