[Samba] Small problem with XP client

Nigel Marsh Nigel.Marsh at first-linux.com
Mon Mar 29 12:22:05 GMT 2004

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If you have mixed flavours of windows using the same profile(s), you will see 
this problem. I have seen this when mixing 2k and xp clients with the same 

If you wish, you can look at the "%a" variable substitution that guesses what  
architecture the machine currently connecting is and use it in the profiles 
path. i.e

logon home = /var/lib/samba/profiles/%a/%U

Then each user would have a profile for different architectures. I beleive xp 
and 98/ME is currently found a UNKNOWN but 2k/NT/95/WfWg are recognised. You 
may need to experiment with a, "preexec" command to log to a file what 
architecture is found, to see how well, "%a" performs with your clients. i.e.

preexec = echo %a %U >> /tmp/architecture

in the [ netlogon ] share definition will log the user and the architechture 
to the given file each time they log on.

On Monday 29 March 2004 12:13, Alex Sharaz wrote:
> Hi all,
> got a small problem with a windows XP client when logging onto a 2.7 samba
> server.
> While the user can log on o.k., every time they do, notepad fires up and
> opens desktop.ini for editing.
> Can anyone suggest why and how to fix this.
> Alex
> Sent using Mulberry 3.01a

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