[Samba] novell to samba migration

Maxim Berkman MAX at il.ibm.com
Sat Mar 27 11:59:11 GMT 2004

Thank you for advice. Kindly  send me the script for converting trustees to
posix ACLs.
Thanks and regards
Max Berkman

             Preisinger Áron                                               
             <aron at tgi.hu>                                                 
             26/03/2004 14:41          Maxim Berkman/Israel/IBM at IBMIL      
                                       samba at lists.samba.org               
                                       Re: [Samba] novell to samba         


Maxim Berkman wrote:

>I am looking for experience with migrating from Novell to Linux.I have
>Novell 4.2 - file and print server. I am looking for tools to migrate
>Novell users (and if possible printers) to Samba.
>Thanks and regards
>Max .

I've done it last friday. I have migrated trustees, users, groups but no
printers. Use the JRB tools(http://www.jrbsoftware.com/).
I can send you a perl script convert trustees to posix ACLs.


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