[Samba] Friendly coexistance with FTP?

Nathaniel G H rice_burners_suck at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 27 05:01:42 GMT 2004

Hi folks,

I need to provide FTP access (through PureFTPd) to a directory that is
currently a Samba share. The idea is to operate both services at the
same time, so hosts without SMB capabilities can still access the

I imagine that locking may become a problem if the a file is
simultaneously accessed through both programs. I'm willing to accept
this risk, as I expect relatively low volume through the FTP.

But other than this problem, are there other issues I should address
before doing this? I did RTFM, but couldn't find the details I need. Or
perhaps someone has another idea on how I can offer the same files
through different protocols... Thanks in advance for any input you
might offer.

-Nathaniel G H

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