[Samba] Automount from Windows w/o logging in first?

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sat Mar 27 04:48:47 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 19:45, Malcolm Baldridge wrote:
> > why not use dfs?
> I know nothing about it, really.  The main file repository must be a unix
> system because I have automated revision control and backup regimes for
> that, but not for Windows.
> Some givens:
> 1) File servers are not Windows machines.
> 2) File clients are Windows NT4 and 2000 Server machines, some of which run
> under vmWare, some of which run natively on the hardware.  I'm shifting away
> from natively-run Windows systems altogether due to support hassles.
let's stay on the list.

DFS is windows version of nfs exports/mounts

Samba 3 supports dfs. I don't think 2.2.x does.

Microsoft offers Services for Unix for free - you can mount nfs shares
on Windows.

Windows share mounts in user space don't work because someone has to log
in to Windows machine - it's something that has to run as a service as
you have discovered.

The systems running vmware should have no problem whatsoever mounting
the shares from UNIX repositories via nfs.

In my mind it's either nfs mounts or dfs or you have to 're-think' your
options (i.e. rsync files on each windows server from 'master')


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