[Samba] Connection reset by peer / The network is busy

Chad Vincent chad at rhiannonweb.com
Fri Mar 26 20:50:20 GMT 2004

I have seen posts concerning this in the archives, but with no real 
solution.  I've seen it first-hand twice now.

I am running Debian Woody, with us3.samba.org's Samba 3 sources added to my 
apt-sources.  3.0.2a was the first version of Samba installed.  The 
SMB.conf is used off of a previous "Test" system, then updated to reflect 
changes in the network as it stands now.

The server is fairly bare, with just minimal packages installed.  It's only 
use is for file-sharing and one Access database sharing.  (Soon it will 
also host a MySQL database, hence the horsepower.)  It is on a Tyan 2880S 
motherboard with dual Broadcom GbE ethernet cards, TG3 module.  Kernel is 
2.4.25-K7-SMP custom, Samba is 3.0.2a

I went to copy files over from our old server to the new one via the network...

System 1 (pdr, Win98SE)  Select files, copy, select new directory on new 
server, paste.  Files copy, re-map network drive, everything's happy.

System 2 (My computer, Win2k Pro) Same as above.  Slower because my laptop 
is a piece of garbage, but it's always been that way, even copying local to 

System 3 (Server, Win2k Pro) Same as above for "programs" share, used for 
network copies of various programs we use.  (ACT, MS Office, etc.)  5.7GB 
worth of information.  Was doubling as a test to make sure the two systems 
can see each other, as the old server will be used as a jury-rigged 
nightly-updated mirror in case of panic.

System 4 (lab, Win98SE, Via Rhine II NIC)  Same as above.  Gets about 1/2 
way through copying files (800MB of Excel files), and the following occurs:

Client beeps: "Cannot create or replace [filename]: The network is busy.

Server log: "[2004/03/26 15:06:23, 0]  lib/util_sock.c:read_socket_data(342)
         read_socket_data: recv failure for 4.  Error = Connection reset by 

At which point, the client needs to be completely rebooted before it will 
re-connect to the server.

Added the new server to the WINS list of the client, and started using a 
domain logon.  Error persisted.

On this last try, I decided to monitor the progress with smbstatus while 
the files copied over.  First time I ran smbstatus, the client beeped, and 
the error occured immediately, much sooner in the process than normal.

I've tried everything I can think of.  We don't have problems of this 
nature with that system connecting to the old server (Win2k Pro.  We were a 
tiny company then.)  I would just break it up into smaller sections, but I 
would rather fix the problem than workaround if possible.  Right now I'm 
moving over less-used information.  However, we are stretching the limits 
of the old server rapidly, and need to finish the transition soon.

The last time I noticed this problem was using Samba 2.999 on Xandros 
1.0.  Same network, using it as a testbed.  Reformatting the system and 
re-installing Xandros from scratch worked like a charm.  Purge / re-install 
of Samba did not.  However, at this point a purge/reinstall of the OS is 
not an option.  Going back to Xandros is also not an option, as it was 
causing other problems.

Also, last time stress-testing Samba by streaming an MP3/OGG playlist would 
cause this several times a day.  I tried the same earlier with no problems 
from pdr.  I'm not ruling out a network problem, but it would be nice to 
find out more about the specific error so I know where to focus my 

***Begin smb.conf***

server string=%h server (Samba %v)
load printers=no
printcap name=cups
print command=lp -d %p %s; rm %s
# invalid users=root
log file=/var/log/samba/log.%m
max log size=
encrypt passwords=yes
socket options=TCP_NODELAY
dns proxy=no
passwd program=/usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat=*EntersnewsUNIXspassword:* %nn *RetypesnewsUNIXspassword:* %nn .
obey pam restrictions=yes
preserve case=yes
case sensitive=no
short preserve case=yes
os level=65
domain master=yes
prefered master=yes
wins support=yes
local master=yes
domain logons=yes
name resolve order=lmhosts wins bcast host
add user script=/usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -g 100 -s /bin/false -M %u
veto oplock files=/*.mdb/*.xls/*.mp3/*.ogg/
passdb backend = tdbsam guest
username map = /etc/samba/users.map
interfaces = eth0

   write list=[userlist removed]
   valid users=[userlist removed]
   max connections=0
   create mask=0666
   directory mask=0777

Chad Vincent
Phone: 330-283-4681 

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