[Samba] Resolving computername from ip

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Mar 26 14:07:33 GMT 2004

> > > > Is there, on a intranet, any way to resolve the computername
> > > > from its ip 
> > > >   ?  I have a setup where I know which users are on which ip,
> > > >   and I 
> > > > wan't to notify some events to some users with a "smbclient -M".
> > > > But since I don't know the computername, I don't know any way to
> > > > send the popups...
> > > nmblookup -A?
> > Setup an intranet DNS service and propogate WINS information into it
> > with wins hook.  If you are using an LDAP passdb bind has a very
> > good ldap-sdb module so you can keep host & zone information in the
> > same Dit as well;  nice for administration.
> Is this better than dynamic update DNS?, SOL.

I suppose it depends on what you want to accomplish.  It seems more flexible and
extensible to me than raw DDNS, but the big boon is management.  Adjusting DNS
records can then be done through the same tool/interface you use for user,
groups, mail routing, etc....  Add in the LDAP patch for ISC's DHCP server and
you've almost got an end-to-end directory enabled network.  Works very well for
us;  just throwing it out there since I think these solutions get overlooked alot.

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