[Samba] Trying to put a MS SQL 7.0 database on a samba share

Patrick Prue patrickp at base2co.com
Fri Mar 26 13:35:27 GMT 2004


>I have a linux box set up with Samba 3.0 and have configured my shared 
>drives. What I am trying to do is store a MS SQL data base on my Samba 
>I can see the drive from my SQL machine but when I try create the database 
>there I get errors like inconsistent file names etc.

>Fist can this be done and if so how?


The short answer is no.. Ms SQL requires that its databases are stored on a local disk, This is by design of the application it doesnt matter if its Windows , Samba etc making the shares available.

The only way to create a "non-local" database is through use of specifically crafted drivers which are written in order to make the remote share appear local. This is how appliances such as NetApp work.

If you are worried about it for backup purposes simply dump your SQL to disk nightly onto the shared drive.

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