[Samba] "net rpc vampire" case sensitivity problem

Daniel Kasak dkasak at nusconsulting.com.au
Fri Mar 26 03:28:17 GMT 2004

John H Terpstra wrote:


>Wowa! Please understand that I was referring to the Linux implementation
>being brain-dead - NOT MS Windows. I totally agree that Samba should
>provide the ability to implement the same look and feel of MS Windows
I see. So you were referring to my distro ( Gentoo ) when talking about 
brain-dead OSs. My apology.


>My question remains. Why would should we implement as part of the 'net rpc
>vampire' process an imposition on ALL UNIX/Linux platforms just because
>one platform wants to force you as the administrator to have only
>contiguous lower case names for users and groups?
>I agree that the ability to call a script would possibly be nice. My
>experience is that most sites will use the opportunity to re-arrange the
>deck chairs during the migration process. I am not convinced that the
>ability to call a user/group name conversion script will mitigate the
>overehad in doing that, so as far as I can see the value of this nice
>feature is not at the "Must Have" level.
>I did not state that this is Microsoft's fault. That is an invalid
>conclusion you drew. Sorry, but I am not guilty as charged on that one.
>We must question what new features really are important and what is not.
>For the Samba-Team, it is important to know what features to spend time
>on. We have limited resources. We are always happy to receive patches and
>to integrate them into the code tree if they make sense.
>At this time I am reluctant to ask one of our developers to take time away
>from other high priority work to add what in essence is a "It would be
>nice to have" feature. I totally agree that the features you describe
>would be really neat, but does it sense for the project as a whole?
>Not all of us cut code, I have spent the last year writing documentation.
>My objective is to document Samba and it's deployment to help users like
>you. I accept responsiblity for how I choose to use my time.
>Feedback we obtain does make its way into the documentation. We also use
>feedback to decide how best to improve Samba. We can not guarrantee to
>adopt every suggestion for code change.
>John T.
OK then. Thanks for taking note of my problem :)
I do realise that time is scarce, and now that I understand the cause of 
the problem ( my distro ) I agree that it's best to let individuals 
battle with it.
Sorry for being a typical whining user...


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