[Samba] Lots of automount help for Linux clients, but how about FROM Windows?

Malcolm Baldridge google at paypc.com
Fri Mar 26 01:19:36 GMT 2004

I am trying to do something which should seem very straightforward,
not to mention, not unusual for load-balanced web servers, namely:
providing a faceless/login-less mounting of SMB shares from NT4 and
Win2K servers.

Yes, I accept that I will need to stash a plaintext login key in some
script or registry key.  The security impacts are acceptable.

I have the latest Samba 2.2.x server, and a bunch of NT4 (soon to be
Windows 2000 Server) web-servers from which I'd like to serve IISROOT
directories residing on a samba share.

I've tried NTResKit srvany.exe'ing a "net use" command and lots of
other hacks to wire in a "service" which provides a complete "net use
W: \\server\WEB\ webpassword /user:weblogin" sort of thing.  No dice.

Soo.... how DO you automatically mount shares without having to login
at the console, so that IIS/Cold-Fusion can serve content out of the
Samba share?


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