[Samba] Any plans to fix Bug 1139 in 3.0.3?

Brandon Turner brandon at msc.tamu.edu
Fri Mar 26 00:42:15 GMT 2004

There was a thread from Feb 28 to Feb 29 between Sebastian and Andrew
that discussed this in more detail.  Basically, it seems that Samba uses
algorithmic mapping even when an entry in LDAP indicates that a given
SID is associated with an existing UID.  Normally people don't
experience this bug if they built their user databases from scratch, but
if they migrated from NT keeping the old NT SIDs they begin to have
correct SIDs and UIDs that don't follow the samba's algorithmic mapping.
So it seems when someone trys to use the Windows ACL editor to change
the ACLs on a file, Samba changes the Linux ACLs based upon the
algorithmic mapping of SID->UID instead of looking the SID up in LDAP

Hope that makes a little sense.


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Brandon Turner wrote:
| I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any plans
| to fix Bug #1139 (reproduced below) in version 3.0.3.  I
| haven't tried 3.0.3pre1 yet, but from what I read of
| the changes it doesn't look like this bug has been
| addressed.

We'll do out best.  The bug report sounds strange though.
And we'll probably need to get some more information you
at some point.

cheers, jerry
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