[Samba] Re: 3.0.2a: Win98 can't connect but w2k is fine

Jake Di Toro karrde+samba at viluppo.net
Thu Mar 25 15:13:36 GMT 2004

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 03:49:40PM +0100, G?mes G?za wrote:
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> Jake Di Toro ?rta:
> | After an upgrade of debian/stable-> testing, samba got upgraded from
> | 2.x to 3.0.2a.  And now my Win98 clients can't connect.  To make
> | matters worse nothing is showing in the logs when they try to
> | connect.  W2k connects fine and there is logging that they connect and
> | disconnect from shares.
> |
> | I double checked encrypted/plaintext passwords on the win98 box, but
> | neither mode helps.
> |
> | Any help on what to look for or what to do to get logging to appear
> | for thes fails.  Network conectivity is there as I can access other
> | services on the linux box.
> |
> Have you checked connectivity to ports 137,138,139? SMB over NETBIOS
> over TCP uses them while SMB over plain TCP uses port 445. So clients
> which understand SMB over TCP could work, while the older (pre Win2k)
> couldn't.

Both ports 139 and 445 are open on the box.  I've never seen ports 137
and 138 open before in my setups, so are they totall necessary?

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