[Samba] Samba3 PDC + WinXP --> profile not found

Tolmacs Mark tolmi at sch.bme.hu
Thu Mar 25 14:49:12 GMT 2004


Thanks the advice but it doesn't worked for me :(
Does the order of the commands in the config file matters? Or is it 
important that the time in the server and in the WS isn't the same? I 
mean I don't use NTP syncronisation between the Server and the WS.

I also have a problem with it. As you can see, I use logon drives, and 
it wouldn't mount automatically. The logon drive icon has a red cross on 
it:) Does anybody know why?

    Mark Tolmacs

> Move your
> profile acls = Yes
> from the global section to the profiles share definition
> It worked for me.
> Cheers
> Geza

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