[Samba] CUPS and Upload printer drivers ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Mar 25 11:06:00 GMT 2004

Thanks for your quick responce ...

>>    I'm using the "cupsaddsmb" to upload the CUPS printer drivers onto 
>> my Samba server, but seem to be having problems with new printer 
>> queues.  I find if that I reload Samba, the upload works fine, 
>> otherwise I get "result was WERR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME", which I think 
>> maybe Samba needs to ask CUPS if the queue is new or something.

>>    Could any boby help me with this problem?

> Yes you're right, Samba needs to be restarted for cupsaddsmb recognize 
> the new printers

    Okay, that is a bit of a problem, is there no way for CUPS to tell 
Samba that new printers have been added, or for Samba to Ask CUPS if new 
printers have been added ... would work better, and have less problems 
... but then I am just a silly little admin ...


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