[Samba] "net rpc vampire" case sensitivity problem

Ed Ravin eravin at panix.com
Thu Mar 25 05:34:14 GMT 2004

We just migrated a small network from a Win2K PDC to Samba, using
"net rpc vampire" into a tdbsam backend on a Samba 3.0.2a Linux box.

One of the users, let's call him Jon Harker, had the NT username "JHarker".
When we ran  "pdbedit -v jharker", we saw this:

   Unix username:        JHarker
   NT username:          JHarker

Well, that looks wrong - the NT username can be mixed case for all I care,
but shouldn't the Unix name be all lower case?

We changed jharker's /etc/passwd entry to "JHarker" and he was subsequently
able to login.  Since we didn't like that as a fix, we changed /etc/passwd
back to all lower case and carefully edited the passdb.tdb in emacs (the
binary editor of choice on Unix systems :-) to knock the mixed-case usernames
into lower case, which also fixed the problem.

Both of these users already had accounts (all lower case) in /etc/passwd
before we ran "net rpc vampire".

Other than this, the vampire process ran very smoothly.

	-- Ed

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