Resend: [Samba] connections.tdb corruption after changing domain

Ed Ravin eravin at
Wed Mar 24 16:15:14 GMT 2004

No one responded the first time I sent this out, so I'll try again.
Samba 3.02a on Linux.  When I change the "workgroup =" line in smb.conf
and restart Samba, I get this error whenever a client tries to connect:

 Mar 19 22:02:47 myhost smbd[6861]:   claim_connection: traverse of connections.tdb failed with error Locking error.
The client computer gets the "resources not available" error.

Deleting connections.tdb and restarting smbd fixes the problem.
Is this a problem in Samba or is something wrong with my setup?
I didn't see anything in Bugzilla, should I file a bug report?

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