[Samba] user authentication ....

Marcone Luis Theisen marcone at solis.coop.br
Wed Mar 24 10:37:59 GMT 2004

In your smb.conf:
        update encrypted = Yes
        smb passwd file = /etc/shadow
        unix password sync = Yes

Marcone Theisen
SOLIS - www.solis.coop.br

prasad.vasireddy at criticalpath.net wrote:

>HI Samba Guru's
>     We are installing Samba newly on our environment. We have lot of users 
>existing in our enviromnt. We would like to give samba access to users. 
>Do we have add each user or can we tell the samba to authenticate the users 
>from /etc/passwd and password from /etc/shadow and what are the options 
>if the users are in NIS.
>   Please help Thanks
>   Prasad.

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