[Samba] Authentication With Different IDs

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Wed Mar 24 13:20:12 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 15:13, Jerry Maldonado (Apollo) wrote:
> >> This is my first time sending a req to this list.  I have checked the
> google
> >> groups and the aimsgroup archives and cannot find the answer I am looking
> >> for.  I am sure it is because I am not really sure what I am looking for.
> I
> >> also purchased the"The Official Samba How-To and Ref Guide", but no go.  
> >> 
> >> Linux:  Fedora Core 1
> >> Samba:  3.0.2-7.FC1
> >> 
> >> I have an application user name "psadmin" shared out through samba with a
> >> set password.  I have multiple windows users who need to map to this
> share.
> >> I am able to map the drive using the windows "login as a different user"
> >> option.  However, if the user logs out of the windows box, then back in,
> >> they have to re-type the password for the mapped drive.
> >> 
> >> Is there a way user abc can log into the "psadmin" share every time
> without
> >> having to re-enter the password?  
> ----
> >sounds like normal behavior for security = share
> >have you tried security = user  ?
> >how about 'groups' - probably a better to manage security than trying to
> >get everyone to pass the same username to the server.
> >Craig
> ----
> Thanks for the info.  I added "security = user" and I still get a password
> prompt when I logout and login.
Forgetting your smb.conf file for a second, there's a lot of little
Windows details that figure into this.

I am assuming that each person doesn't log in to their individual
computer as psadmin whatever user name and password they use to log on
to their computer would then be the default credentials and password
supplied to any server they attempt to connect to.

This is why a typical networking setup would have each individual user
with his own username and password, and the use of 'groups' to collect
individual users and give them (or deny them) access to resources such
as a file share based upon whether they belong to a group or not. One of
the main purposes of a windows domain is to create the single point of
username/password login and the domain controller then provides the
authentication to requested resources. It really seems as though you
want all of that.


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