[Samba] Authentication Problems Accessing Samba Shares

Damon Rouse drouse at impactengine.com
Wed Mar 24 08:14:42 GMT 2004

I've been struggling with this for about a week now, so let me ask
this question first.

Can you use a Server 2003 Active Directory to authenticate windows
users trying to access a share on the Samba 3 server?  Is this possible?  Has anyone
done this successfully?

I need to be able to allow my windows users to use their 2003 AD
account info to access shares on the Samba 3 server.  Once again can
this be done, has anyone done this?  Sorry for the frustration, but
I've searched high and low and I've read the Samba docs until my brain
has hurt and still haven't found any definitive info to whether this
is possible or not.

Here are some of the urls I've used for ref:

My RH 9/Samba 3.02 server shows up perfectly in my 2003 AD OU where I
added it and all the various commands from the above urls work just
fine too, but none of these documents address accessing a Samba share
from a Windows box using 2003 AD for authentication.  I'm at a big
loss here.

If anyone from samba.org reads this post, PLEASE let me know if what I
want/need to be able to do is even possible?

Much Thanks in Advance

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