[Samba] Licensing issues with MS Domain

mo dela dela_mo at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 20:54:46 GMT 2004

I read many posts from the archives but could not find the answer to my 
question. So here goes:

I need to run a Samba installation on a RH9 Linux server. I have done such 
installation before and was succesful at it. Our main network is W2K based 
and users all have accounts in the domain. With great difficulties, I 
convinced the MS Net Admin to create an entry for my Samba server in the 
Domain so that I could use Domain Authentication.

As soon as users started to map their Linux drives (authenticating to the 
domain), the domain controller started to complain about licensing issues. 
The net Admin was quick on the switch and swiftly removed my server from the 
domain, arguing that it violates the licensing agreement.

Questions are:

Is there really an issue with licensing and Samba?

Can we still be in the Domain and use the domain for authentication without 
promtping warnings about licences?



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