[Samba] Upgrade from 2.8 to 3.0 groupmap broken any ideas?

Jeff Davies jeff_davies at byu.edu
Tue Mar 23 12:45:54 GMT 2004


I recently upgraded a samba 2.8 system to samba 3.0 dl'ed from samba.org 
current. Everything works great except the group mapping and some net 
sessions that get stuck but I want to focus on the groupmap issue today. 

Things I have done:
Delete group_mapping.tdb -- restarted samba -- net groupmap modify 
ntgroup='Domain Admins' unixgroup=ntadmins -- result: shows that it's mapped 
but no dice. The users in ntadmins group still do not have access to domain 
admin stuff like being able to log into every workstation and have full 
rights like samba 2.8 Domain Admin group option. I like groupmap better 

side note: While working on this issue a couple of weeks ago I deleted the tdb 
and restarted smb .. it worked!!! but then I went to do a modify and it 
stopped working .. right back to where I started.. ughh.

Possible Reason:
1. During the upgrade is it possible that something got corrupted (anything 
that would have affected this feature)?
2. Did I leave any important settings or configs out? etc...
3. My smb.conf is pretty basic.. right out of the build with modifications 
only to use smbpasswd backend and some other services for directories.
But.. If you want I can post it.

Possbile Solutions:
1. I am not opposed to rebuilding smb from source (newer source) if it will 
fix the problem easier than hunting down the bad files.
2. Fix the bad files ( if it's time effective)
3. Switch to Win2003 (ooohh sorry no one wants to do that :)

John T: I have committed to memory the groupmap section of the howto, with 
some other fav sections :) Thanks for providing such a valuble and effective 



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