[Samba] Trust relationship failed...

Mike Cisar mlists at starmania.net
Mon Mar 22 22:59:48 GMT 2004

I'm hoping someone can give me a hand in figuring out this problem, I have
seen several other similar problems in searching, but nothing that exactly
matches what I am seeing here.  

I have recently migrated a client from a Samba server running 2.2.7 (Redhat
9) to 3.0.2 (Fedora 1).  The samba installation is running as a PDC for 5
Win XP workstations and was working perfectly prior to the upgrade.  When I
did the migration I copied the entire contents of the /etc/samba directory
across to the new machine (no changes at all).  

Now that I have done the migration I *CAN* still do the following...
- log in to the domain
- the user's roaming profiles transfer successfully back and forth to the
- existing mapped drives on the workstations (to shares on the server) work
as they always have
- can map new shares to the server with no problem

But, the following items no longer work...
- In XP if I go to entire network and try to view the computers in the
domain, only the server shows up... none of the 5 workstations show up in
the domain as previously.
- Can no longer access printers shared on the workstations
- If I try to enter \\workstation1\data (or any of the valid, pre-existing,
previously working shares on any of the workstations) from any of the 5
workstations, either via start | run, or via the address bar in My Computer
I get an error that states "Trust relationship between this workstation and
primary domain failed".  

So, to summarize, all of the workstations see the server just fine but the
workstations don't seem to be able to see eachother or their shared
resources any longer and complain about the trust problem.

Prior to copying the contents of /etc/samba to the new server I did a
comparison between the distributed smb.conf file and the old file.  I did
not see any added or removed keys so I chose to save typing and just use the
existing file.  
The following are the files which I copied over... smb.conf, smbusers,
lmhosts, secrets.tdb and smbpasswd.  I assumed by doing this that any
possible required configuration would get transferred across to the new
machine.  I have done an in-place upgrade from RH9 to FC1 on another server
(rather than doing a clean install and transferrig the configs) and the
samba install there worked just fine (also with making no changes from the
existing configs), so I'm really lost as to what could be causing this

Any hints, tips or suggestions are appreciated.

>>>>> Mike <<<<<

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