[Samba] subnet seen on intranet

Harland Christofferson debian-user at zerocrossings.com
Mon Mar 22 20:22:08 GMT 2004

    i have a network i use for code development branching off of 
the corporate intranet.  the topology is:

        +---------------+   +-------------+
        | |---| |
        +---------------+   |   |
        engineering3a       | |--- to/from intranet
        wkgrp: speg         +-------------+
                             wkgrp: speg

    on the intranet, engineering3a and engineering3 are seen by other 
machines that have access to the workgroup speg ... i only want engineering3 
NOT engineerting3a seen on the intranet. also, when i ping engineering3 
from another machine on the intranet, it resolves as the 
ip address NOT furthermore, when i ping engineering3a 
from a machine on the intranet, it resolves i don't 
even want engineering3a to be seen on the  intranet.

    what is amiss in my configuration of samba?

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