[Samba] Re: kenrel 2.6.4 patch for fixing warning of smbfs on high gid/uid

Christopher Allen Wing wingc at umich.edu
Mon Mar 22 19:44:28 GMT 2004


Sorry, I didn't write back to you sooner.

I don't understand the need for this patch unless it is working around a
bug in the compiler.

More likely, the bug is in smbfs passing something other than
typeof(uid_t) to high2lowuid().

I'll take a look and write back.


On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Alexander Stohr wrote:

> Hello,
> when i compiled latest linux 2.6.4 kernel source with gcc 3.3.2 on
> Linux/x86,
> i got a few warnings about varaibles beeing compared against constants
> where the range of the variable is so that the expression is always
> constant.
> The explicit comparison has to do with the code for high-uid and gid sheme.
> attached you will find a diff which does eliminate this error message
> by introducing an inline function that wont result in the message but
> it will result in compareable dense binary code with normal optimisations.
> -Alex.

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