[Samba] Registry hack needed

Ken Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Mon Mar 22 18:00:31 GMT 2004

I set up some W2K machines under Samba 2.2.1a for printing using the spoolss
features in that Samba release.  I now have Samba 3.02a, and have been
forced to use:

disable spoolss = yes

Now, the W2K machines give the error dialog "could not connect to printer"
because the Windows box is still trying to use the spoolss system, rather
than plain LanMan calls, to figure out whether you have enough permissions
to connect.

How can I hack the Registry to make the LanMan printing subsystem "forget"
its previous state?  It must be made to care only about local acl, not the
remote acl that Samba has now been told not to fake.

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