[Samba] Problem while installing the SAMBA...

John Petro jxpsys at rit.edu
Mon Mar 22 17:45:42 GMT 2004

I tried to compile this on Solaris 8 and 9 at one point, and what I had
to do was to actually rename the /usr/ucb/cc and /usr/ucb/make and I
believe I had to move /usr/ucb/ld as well.  I then installed the GNU
make util and I was able to compile fine.  For some reason, taking
/usr/ucb didn't help me.  But this did.  Just remember when you are
done, to rename the files back to their original names when you are


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prasad.vasireddy at criticalpath.net wrote:
| Hi Erik...
|    Thanks for the response.
|    I have changed the permissions for all the files to
| root... Still it is  waiting for some thing. It stoped
| at while building inclue/proto.h

remove /usr/usb from your PATH.

cheers, jerry
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