[Samba] smbd stall on FreeBSD [was Re: Samba 3.0.3pre1 Available for Download]

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Mar 22 15:57:04 GMT 2004

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Ertan Kucukoglu wrote:

|> We continually work on improving performance
|> as we can.  What specifically are you referring
|> to?
| I referred to Davon Shire's e-mail dated 09 March
| 2004 18:59.
| In the mean time, I remember some programs indicate
| performance gain by  percentage. I do not remember any
| name in my mind. But, IMHO similiar approach maybe
| good for samba.

We actually gained significant performance improvements
with the "TDB scalability issue surrounding the
TDB_CLEAR_IF_FIRST flag".  This will be mainly seen by
larger installations (maybe >100 concurrent connections).

I missed Davon's mail the first time (the danger of the
signal-to-noise ration on this list sometimes).

Here's the gist:

| SMB transfer from Client1 to Client2 6.0 MB/s both ways.
| FTP transfers: average 8.7 MB/s from Server to Client1.
|   5.7 MB/s from client1 to Server.
|  FTP transfers: average 9.0 MB/s from Server to Client2.
|   6.0 MB/s from Client2 to Server.

| ( Yes there is some noted asymetry here but the data flow
| over the network is smooth, there are no pauses or breaks
| in the data transmission. )
| Samba Transfers: Average 6.0 MB/s from Client1/2 to
| Server. 1.75 MB/s from server to Client1/2. (does not
| matter which machine, they both produce almost identical
| network behavior.)
| ( The reason the average from server to clients is so
| low is due to unexplainable lulls in transmission from
| the server to the client. Peaks in the transfer near
| 6.0 MB at times. )
| I have as previously stated tweaked, recompiled, adjusted.
| read dozens of performance tips for getting the most out
| of Samba and it's just not happening. I've adjusted read
| size, Sendbuf and Recvbuf values, MTU, MSS, lowday, no
| delay blah blah blah. I've watched for collisions.
| (None) I've watched for NACKS ACKS and the last episode
| of The Tick. But I can't get much better than I already
| have out of these machines.
| If I'm missing something obvious please tell me. But
| if it's obvious then why isn't it working straight out
| of the Install?

If I were going to start trouble shooting this I would
need to see a network trace to see what the packet previous
to the stall was.  We would also need to know what the smbd
process was doing during the stall using strace (i.e. was
it waiting for a repsonse such as an oplock break or was
it looking for some data in a tdb, etc...).

And as a final note, bugs will get lost on this list.  The
\preferred method of tracking defects is to log a reoprt at

So Devon, if you would be will to open a bug report and
provide me with the requested information, I'll try to burn
some cycles on it.

cheers, jerry
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