[Samba] PRINTING CUPS on Samba 3.0 - PS Driver upload

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Mar 22 11:36:40 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 19:19, Herbert FRIEDL wrote:
> Dear all
> samba 3.0.2pre1-1
> cups 1.1.20
> i am testing the CUPS printing on Samba 3.0.2pre1-1  and so far we have
> a good impression about the system
> We want to use only Postscript for our printers.
> The cupsaddsmb tool works great and printing with the cups driver is
> fine.
> The Add Printer Wizard for uploading vendor specific for the PCL 5
> drivers is working fine and printing is working.
> I have some trouble with the vendor specific Post script drivers.
> Uploading the Postscript drivers is OK but when we want to print
> something on the  printers (hp2280, hp2300) 
> the printer only prints the prostscript definition text and produces
> tons of pages.

The problem is, the HP (and most other) postscript drivers output a PCL
header above their postscript.  CUPS doesn't think it's postscript then,
and things go downhill from there.

Only the CUPS and potentially the adobe drivers gets this right, but I
have had other nasty problems with the CUPS drivers.

> The output file in /var/spool/cups looks ok for a postscript printer.
> I am a bit confused because postscript printing is working for other
> printers like canon-ir5000.

It probably puts out real postscript (as far as CUPS is concerned).

Andrew Bartlett

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