[Samba] smbclient won't tar empty directories

Christian Gründemann christian at gruendemann.com
Mon Mar 22 09:52:59 GMT 2004


I guess this question has been asked several times, but unfortenuately
I don't find an answer neither in the search machines nor in the groups.

I backup my windows clients using smbclient with the tar option.
Works great, but no empty directories are in the created tar file.
I read the smblient and tar's manpage, without finding the necessary
option. Does anybody know how I can include these nasty emtpy

smbclient  //server/share "test" -U test -N -Tqc foo.tar TestDirectory

BTW, if I use tar without smbclient, empty directories are included
by default.

Thanks for your held in advance!

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