[Samba] Mount samba shares over internet

Robert de Wit info at deca.nl
Sat Mar 20 15:48:44 GMT 2004

I have 2 linux samba servers on the internet.
Both run suse 9.0 with samba version 2.2.8a.
When i try to mount one server on the other  i get
a timeout error.

When i do a tcpdumpon both servers on port 139 i only get
network activity on the server who mounts onto the other.
Both servers have in het smb.conf

hosts allow = ip_1 ip_2
interfaces = ip_internal1 ip_1
interfaces = ip_internal2 ip_2

and on the firewall both server are in the firewall FW_TRUSTED_NETS= " 
IP_1 IP_2"
There is no firewall activity when is try from ip_1

mount -t smbfs -o username=bogus  //ip_2/share  /mnt

There is no activity on the outside ethernet car when i do on ip_2:

tcpdump -i eth1 port 139 -n

but there is on ip_1 with  the same command.
i also have 2 suse 8.2 server without any problems

What is wrong here
I read the security path from 2.2.8a
perhaps i need a workaround

please help.


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