[Samba] Machine accounts, Samba 3, NT Domain migration

M Saqib Ilyas msaqib at ieee.org
Sat Mar 20 08:46:28 GMT 2004

Greetings everyone
I finally succeeded in doing the seemingly most difficult thing, "following directions." I got my act together configuring the smb.conf and migrating using net rpc vampire into tdbsam. There are issues with this migration in which computer netbios names which are obviously all uppercase were not being created in /etc/passwd. I put my C cap on and converted the computer names to lowercase before handing them over to the add machine script. When I join a machine to the domain, it works beautifully, but there is a problem with the migrated machine accounts. No machine can log on because its account is not valid on the samba DC. The way I structured my add machine shell script is this:

str=`/etc/samba/convert $1`
useradd -d /dev/null -g machines -s /bin/false -M $str
passwd -l $str
compname=`echo $str | cut -f1 -d$`
smbpasswd -a -m -n $compname

I must be doing something unnecessary here for the migrated machine accounts not to work. Can someone throw some light on this? I am sorry if this has already been answered. It must have, but I couldnt find it using any searches that my limited intellect could come up with on the list archives. Appreciate your time.
Saqib Ilyas

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