[Samba] Problem with parameter "princap name" in samba 3.0.2a

Claus Svarer csvarer at nru.dk
Fri Mar 19 22:01:04 GMT 2004


I have just tried to upgrade to the new version 3.0.2a of samba (from version 2.2.8). The operating system is HP-UX 11.11. It seems as the parameters "princap name = lpstat" doesn't work anymore even though the printing system is set to either hpux og sysv. Does anyone have a solution for that (of course I can use the more primitive /etc/princap) but then I have to do manual editing of the files. When I start the smbd daemon I get an error (in log.smbd) like:

[2004/03/19 22:32:03, 0] smbd/server.c:(747)
  smbd version 3.0.2a started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2004
[2004/03/19 22:32:03, 0] printing/pcap.c:(361)
  Unable to open printcap file lpstat for read!

Parameters in the global section of smb.conf:

        load printers = yes
        printcap name = lpstat
        printing = hpux
I seems as the parameters "printcap name" is not used anymore?

Does anyone have the same problem?

Best regards
Claus Svarer

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