[Samba] Change shell access for a single user that is in windows system

Lehman, Jason (Registrar's Office) Jlehman at admin.usf.edu
Fri Mar 19 17:52:25 GMT 2004

I know how to change a unix users shell access by going into /etc/passwd
and editing the shell type.  But how do I do it for a user that is
listed when you do a "getent passwd".  Or is there a way to import a
single user from windows to unix that would not require them to type
there password in on the unix machine but add them to the passwd file? I
am sure there is a command but I can't find it and that may be I am not
typing in correct search criteria.  And I don't want to give all
authenticated users shell access by using the shell template parameter.
Thanks for any help.


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