[Samba] How to control shell access by group?

Lehman, Jason (Registrar's Office) Jlehman at admin.usf.edu
Fri Mar 19 16:17:13 GMT 2004

Sorry if this is too newbie.  I would appreciate any help.


I would like to control shell access by group so that I don't have to
add it to parameter "template shell: and give everyone that is
authenticated shell access.  I am using winbind so I see every window
user when I do a "getent passwd" with /bin/null as their shell but I
don't know how to go and change that for an individual user because I
can't go into edit /etc/passwd and change it like I would for a normal
user.  And it would be easier if I could just delete them out of a
windows group and then they wouldn't have shell access.  Any help would
be appreciated.  Now I know about the "add user script" and "add group
script" but they are already users with winbind so why would I want to
add a linux user account if it essentially already exists and if I use
"template shell" they can get in.


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