[Samba] MS Word doesnt set attribute bits on share

ben ben at frazer-nash.com
Fri Mar 19 15:24:29 GMT 2004


I am currently using a cron job to set the archive bit on recently 
modified files as a work around. It just bugs me that the bits aren't 
getting set properly. It appears to only be Word 2000 that is causing 
this problem. Not sure about newer versions as we dont have any.

I will modify my live server to use EA's to store the dos attributes 
once I am happy that it is ok as I dont really like the linux execute 
bits being used, even though at the moment the only access to the server 
is through Samba.


> Ben,
> Think outside the "archive bit". Why do you need the archive bit for
> backups? Does you backup software not allow you to backup files based on
> the date the file was changed?
> Matt
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> The problems I am having exist on both servers and involves the archive 
> bit not getting set properly. This causes problems with our backup 
> software. If I cant fix this problem I will have to consider moving the 
> server back to MS which I dont really want to do.

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