[Samba] Version 3.0.2a + AIX

Karakontakis Apostolos akarako at freemail.gr
Fri Mar 19 15:03:02 GMT 2004

Hi to all,

The situation is like this.

I use a linux box with kernel 2.6.4 + samba 3.0.2a + Realtech (8139too) 
Network card.Also there is an AIX server running lan manager.
I connect to the server (mount a share resource) without problem,i can 
see all the contents of the shared resource without problem but
when i try to copy a file from AIX server to linux box no matter the 
size, the copying never stops.
    The size of the destination file is increasing continuesly beyond 
the normal file size.I tried to copy a 5KB txt file from AIX server to 
the linux
box but the copying never stoped.I interrupted the proccess and i saw 
that the destination file was very large.When i open the destination
file i saw at the begining of the file tha the data were all right but 
after that the file was emty filled with spaces until the end.Has anyone
had the same problem ?.Using another linux box with kernel 2.4.18 and 
samba 2.2.x and with another network card there was no problem.
Could it be the network card (Realtech) that causes this problem ?.
Also when i try to copy a file from linux box to the AIX server, the 
copy is going well but at the end it freezes.Although the file was 

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