[Samba] Re:RE:Cupsprinter over samba won't work from w2k clients

Angela Gavazzi "edv at _no_spam_goetheanum.ch at goetheanum.ch" at _no_spam_goetheanum.ch
Fri Mar 19 12:41:36 GMT 2004

Marcel de Riedmatten wrote:

> At this point i would stop samba, remove
> /var/lib/samba/ntdrivers.tdb and ntprinters.tdb,
> restart samba and have a try with the original windows drivers.
> Have a good day.


thank you for the answer. It helped a little.
Even if I only have one driver installed, after deleting the tbd files, I
was able to reinstall the driver to samba and after that again on the
client. I'm also able to show the printer properties on the client after
this, even if I get the same error message and not all properties are

Interesting is that I'm able to print, but the pages are not logged
in .../cups/pages_log. And I really need this for billing.
It looks like the pages would not be spooled on samba, but sent directly to
the printer.

With the other printer I can print without problems and all is logged, so I
think it is a driver problem and not a samba problem.

When fully installing the driver on the client there is also another piece
of software that works with the printer driver. They call it Network
Extensions. After installing this I have the missing properties within the
printerdriver window, but only for the locally installed printer. I suppose
that this is the cause for the error message. 

I also don't really understand the connection between the locally (on the
samba server) installed ppd for cups and the windows driver I use to
install on the clients. What's used finally to send the job to the printer?
I install the windows driver on samba, then on the client but depending on
the URI for the ppd-printer under cups the jobs can or not be printed. ???

Could it be a ipp problem?

the printer understands 4 URIs

I use http://ip.ad.re.ss:631/ipp 
With other Uris the jobs don't reach the printer...

Thanks i.a. again...


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