[Samba] XP Home Issues

Benoît Milgram benoit.milgram at elearningagency.com
Fri Mar 19 09:23:02 GMT 2004

Hi there,

This is my first post, so I say hello to everyone.

We just buy a server with redhat 9 and samba 2.2.8a. It's configure and work
fine but I got trouble with my XP Home client :
I've got two sort of directory : some public that can be access to all
valable users and some restrict to some particular ones...

With XP Home I create a letter (With the menu "connect a network drive") to
each directory, that solution provide a different user/pass that the xp
It works fine but the things is that if I connect to a directory restrict to
the user X1 first I cannot connect to an other directory resctrict to user
X2 but I can connect to other directory.
I got a mapping user error. (Sorry for the terms I work in French, not a
good translator).

What's seems to happen is that if I connect with a user/pass to a directory,
XP Home keep a session with this user/pass... Or maybe it's samba ?

So far has you know is there a way to pass this ?

I know that theye are some trouble with XP home and domain, but I only work
with workgroup !

Thanks for any clue !

Benoît MILGRAM | Développeur Multimédia

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