[Samba] Samba and Active Directory Permissions

John Petro jxpsys at rit.edu
Thu Mar 18 20:42:33 GMT 2004

Yeah.... I tried that.. I get an error that says that it can't save
permissions on the folder (or file) in this case.  Any other ideas?


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"John Petro" <jxpsys at rit.edu> wrote on 03/18/2004 12:13:08 PM:

> All,
>   I am currently running Samba 3.0.2a on a RHEL3 server.  I would like
> to use the extended file systems permissions through windows, but I
> haven't had much luck.  Here is how I am set up....
> My linux box is joined to my AD domain and appears to be functioning
> correctly.  I also have winbind set up, and functioning, although I
> still have some tweaking to do, it is assigning user and group ids as
> would expect it to.  I can create a share ok via Samba or active
> directory users and computers with out a problem.  However, once I
> create this share, and I mount it on a windows client, I can't do
> anything as far as  setting or deligating permissions.  When I look at
> the folder properties, it says the folder it owned by root on my linux
> server.  It will not let me change the ownership to any other user.  I
> get a error that says something to the effect that I don't have the
> rights to change the permissions.

If the files and folders are owned by root, only root can change the
ownership.  One way around this is to add
admin users = <your domain username or groupname>
to your smb.conf for that share.  This will give your user root

> Has anyone had this issue, and do you know what I can do to get around
> this.  I really don't want to go to a windows platform for my
> fileservices.....
> --John
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