[Samba] Problem with sambaMunged Dial

Dott. Umberto Zanatta uzanatta at provincia.treviso.it
Thu Mar 18 19:11:40 GMT 2004

I've had a problem since I had installed samba with ldap support.

It's impossible deleting and managing [ex.: add user to a group] the  
user; only with smbldap-tools.

When I try to manage new user with usermgr.exe, who's added the log  
tell me:

ldapsam_update_sam_account: failed to modify user with uid = foo, 	
error: sambaMungedDial: value #0 invalid per syntax (Success)

Trying with smbldap-tools:
# smbldap-useradd -a blablabla... and before manage it with usermgr. 
it's working, but I need
to open a console connections; and by ours business it's no possible at  

If I manage with usermgr.exe the old users, whose have been imported  
from tdbsam to ldap, it's works.

The ldap builtin in samba writes in sambaMungedDial field a long string  
about two thousands chars, and dosen't marks with [U] the  
sambaAcctFlags field.

Any idea?

Saluti, Regards;

dott. Umberto Zanatta
Umberto Zanatta

tel: +39 (335) 54 71 385
email: umbertoz at inwind.it
web: http://linuxdidattica.org

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