[Samba] Linux SAMBA and Windows environment

Boniforti Flavio boniforti at provincia.verbania.it
Thu Mar 18 09:57:49 GMT 2004

OK here we go.

Can anybody help me in putting a Linux-box with SAMBA in a Windows 2000 
ADS environment?

My goal is to have this Linux-box sharing merely a printer and $HOME 

What I would like to know (and learn) is:

- can I achieve my goal with Samba-2 or should I use Samba-3?
- how may I give permissions on my [printer/file]-share to AD Users?
- is there a precise walk-through which I should follow to get my Samba 
integrated into the actual ADS (Windows 2000 Server)?

Thank you.

Boniforti Flavio
Provincia del Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
Ufficio Informatica

Tecnoparco del Lago Maggiore
Via dell'Industria, 25
28924 Verbania

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