[Samba] Cupsprinter over samba won't work for w2k clients

Marcel de Riedmatten mdr at dotforge.ch
Wed Mar 17 15:07:39 GMT 2004

Le mer 17/03/2004 à 12:07, Angela Gavazzi a écrit :
>   Hallo!

[ snip ]

>  2. An OKI C5300: when opening printer properties I get this in error_log:
>  E [16/Mar/2004:15:59:44 +0100] get_printer_attrs: resource name
>  '/printers/::{2227a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d}' no good! 
>  and this on the Client (sorry it's german...)
>  Der an einen Systemaufruf übergebene Datenbereich ist zu klein" 
>  "Funktionsadresse 0x500027e4 hat eine Schutzverletzung verursacht.
>  (Ausnahmecode 0xc0000005) Die Eigenschaftenseite wird  möglicherweise nicht
>  richtig angezeigt."
>  Then it opens the properties. The printer is shows as not connected and
> when
>  trying to print there are no errors in error_log.


I had a similar problem a few month ago. I made the observation that if
windows (it was 2k at the time) has a driver preinstalled it will use
it. If the driver on the server is not the same as the preintalled one,
this can led to "binary corruption" like you see. I solve it by putting
on the server the same drivers as the preinstalled one. I found this
driver on the windows original cd in a drivers.cab file.   

>  load printers = yes

This line is of no use with cups. I would remove it but this should not
be your problem.

At this point i would stop samba, remove 
/var/lib/samba/ntdrivers.tdb and ntprinters.tdb,
restart samba and have a try with the original windows drivers.

Have a good day.

Marcel de Riedmatten

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