[Samba] clients logout .............

Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 09:28:12 GMT 2004

Thanks Ed, the "net use * /d " command works perfectly.  I'll create myself
a batch file and put a shortcut to it :-)  Solved a few headaches here :-)


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> >> Rather than struggle with the Windows GUI looking for the right thing
> >> to click (and I'm not sure there really is a way to do this)
> > If you connect via a UNC from the run box or explorer address
> > bar, Windows will attempt to connect with the logged on user or if there
> > is a current connection to the server, it will try to use the id in use
> > by the other connection. You will not be able to connect with another
> > userid until all connections to the server are disconnected. Windows
> > will give you an error which say something about not allowing multiple
> > connections to a server with different credentials.
> Unfortunately, even when "net use" doesn't show any connections
> cached, there might be an IPC connection of some kind lingering about,
> which will prevent you from using a new login name.
> If all else fails, use the DOS prompt and issue this command:
>    net use * /d
> Which deletes all existing connections to all servers.  You can
> than log into the Samba box with new credentials.
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