[Samba] Re: tdb_fetch failed

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Mar 16 22:40:08 GMT 2004

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Lee Thao wrote:

| I was able to stop smb services, run tdbbackup, run tdbbackup
| -v, and made sure file permissions were the same for all tdbs
| under /var/liv/samba and /etc/samba.  Tdbbackup -v just list how
| many records are in the tdbs, no error messages.  I restart smb
| and am still getting the tdb_fetch failed messages.  What's up?

I think it is a false negative.  I tried to run it down earlier
today and got distracted by other bugs.  My gutfeeling after
looking at the routine was that you will get this message on the first
call to store the message flags.  I doubt it is really causing
anything other than alarm at this point.  But I will work on it
some more tomorrow if I can.

cheers, jerry
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