[Samba] Printing

Michael S. Dunsavage mikesd at frontiernet.net
Tue Mar 16 20:36:54 GMT 2004

I have samba running on RH 9 as a PDC.

I want to print from teh windows box to the Linux machine...

excerpt from smb.conf:

        comment = All Printers
        path = /var/spool/cups/
        browseable = yes
        public = yes
        printable = yes
        writeable = yes

excerpt from printcap:

# This file was automatically generated by cupsd(8) from the
# /etc/cups/printers.conf file.  All changes to this file
# will be lost.

So, when I print it does put something in /var/spool/cups

but how do I get it to print?

When I print locally to the pritner it puts a file in /var/spool/cups so I 
assume that's the proper directory?

Michael S. Dunsavage

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