[Samba] Blocking network browsing for certain users

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Tue Mar 16 19:37:37 GMT 2004


I'm using Samba 3.0 with LDAP back end. I set up three NT groups:
- Domain Users
- Domain Admins
- Domain Guests

I want to limit a user that is member of 'Domain Guests' NT group so that
he will not be able to browse the Windows network (All Network / Computer
near me).

I guess that this can be implemented by using Windows Policies (poledit
and stuff). The problem is that I didn't find any suitable Administrative
template (.adm) that can set those settings.

Any sugestion?

If anyone have any link to a repository of .afm files (for any purpose),
please share it with me.


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