[Samba] clients logout .............

Ed Ravin eravin at panix.com
Tue Mar 16 19:26:20 GMT 2004

>> Rather than struggle with the Windows GUI looking for the right thing
>> to click (and I'm not sure there really is a way to do this)

> If you connect via a UNC from the run box or explorer address
> bar, Windows will attempt to connect with the logged on user or if there
> is a current connection to the server, it will try to use the id in use
> by the other connection. You will not be able to connect with another
> userid until all connections to the server are disconnected. Windows
> will give you an error which say something about not allowing multiple
> connections to a server with different credentials.

Unfortunately, even when "net use" doesn't show any connections
cached, there might be an IPC connection of some kind lingering about,
which will prevent you from using a new login name.

If all else fails, use the DOS prompt and issue this command:

   net use * /d

Which deletes all existing connections to all servers.  You can
than log into the Samba box with new credentials.

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