[Samba] Samba Windows/Linux Print Command Translation

Damon Brown damon at technicate.com
Tue Mar 16 18:06:52 GMT 2004


I have an strange issue that I was hoping to find an easy cure for :)

I have a windows NT GUI ERP database system that is used widely in the
company.  This system has an alternate web interface to the database,
which is hosted on RedHat linux.

Each of these two interfaces require reports printing out of the ERP
database.  I would like to keep all of the printers on the linux machine
for simplicity.  The issue is the Windows clients needs to see the
printers, so I simply set up CUPS and SAMBA and was able to connect and
print in the Windows GUI using the "\\[LINUXSERVER]\[PRINTER]" command.

Unfortunetaly, the Linux web version "reads" the same print command out of
the databse and tries to to send the "\\[LINUXSERVER]\[PRINTER]", instead
of "lp -d [printer] [file]".  Of course, the web version does not work.

I tried to "translate" the "\\[LINUXSERVER]\[PRINTER]" command to the lp
command using "alias" but because of the backslash issue, it wont
translate correctly.  Do you know of another way to make this work?

Thanks, in advance, for your time.

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