[Samba] Problem with Office (and Windows 2000) and oplocks (and even without) - Probabaly solved

Alexander Gretencord Alexander.Gretencord at gedoplan.de
Tue Mar 16 16:16:43 GMT 2004

Solved I think :) Anyway, just wanted to give other people with the same 
problem something to find in google, as I myself could not find anything.

On Friday 12 March 2004 16:18, Alexander Gretencord wrote:
> When opening documents word (excel) sometimes just hangs (for 30 seconds
> until on the server I get at timeout message for an oplock break request)

I changed that to 8 seconds in the source, recompiled and tried again. No 
chance. In the log file I got an 8 second timeout but word/excel still hung 
for 30 seconds and more.

Also not all types of documents exhibited the problem. With normal word 
documents I was not really able to reproduce the problem but as soon as you 
imported data from an excel sheet into the word document for making a form 
letter (I think it's called form letter in english versions :)) we started 
getting the hangs.

As noted in my original post, nothing oplock related really worked. However if 
you set blocking locks = no the problem seemed to go away. We were not able 
to reproduce the problem and the users have not got any timeouts today 


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