[Samba] Switch roles of PDC and BDC machines?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Mar 16 13:43:53 GMT 2004

I've got two sites that I am planning a Samba3/LDAP implementation on, 
each will have its own local server.  The problem is that I want to 
implement in my local office first, which is not the site that 
eventually will be the 'master' site.  Sometime later when the proper 
master site comes online, I'd like to demote for lack of a better term, 
my local machine to a BDC and then promote the other one to a PDC.  What 
I think would be involved would be:

1. Swap the Domain Master parameter so that the first server is set to 
No and the new and eventual master is Yes.
2. Change WINS parameters so that the new PDC is the WINS server, 'wins 
support' gets the same treatment as Domain Master, point the BDC at the 
new PDC and then alter DHCP.
3. maybe rejoin the xDC machines to the domain with the PDC and BDC 
parameters for type set for their new values.

Am I missing any terribly important but non-obvious (to me) parameters?

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